Pompeo : Alleges WHO As Politically Motivated To Side With Beijing In UK Private Meeting

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

It is now becoming ceremonial for the US administration to attack the UN or the WHO whenever they can find an opportunity to do so. In a recent closed door meeting, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is said to have insulted the WHO and held them responsible for the escalation in the COVID19 cases in the UK.

While speaking at a meeting in the United Kingdom, he was probably trying to earn some brownie points of 10 Downing Street when it said the whole responsibility of the large numbers in contraction lies with the UN funded World Health Organisation(WHO). Pompeo added that WHO seems to be siding with China and helped escalate the pandemic that has killed many in the UK.

Amongst a group of 20 some MPs and peers, Pompeo didn’t seem to mince his words when he claimed that WHO was actually a “political and not a science-based organisation” and further accused its current director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of being too close to Beijing.

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Pompeo further remarked that Tendros was promised favors in the 2017 elections by Beijing, due to which the organization seems to have worked as a puppet to the hands of the corrupt and selfish Chinese administration.

His remarks at the meeting organised by the Henry Jackson Society thinktank came in response to a question from Chris Bryant, one of two Labour MPs present in a meeting otherwise dominated by Conservatives, who had challenged him over the Trump administration’s repeated decisions to quit multilateral organisations.

The WHO official spokesperson has completely denied any such false  giving and requested nations to not lose focus due to such rumours and concentrate on controlling the spread of the pandemic in their regions.

Last week, the US has officially announced its withdrawal from the WHO at a time when the pandemic has been spreading rapidly in America. It seems to asking the UK to side with it over the recent sanctions levied on China over exploitative working conditions of the Uighur Muslims too; but 10 Downing Street has not made any commitments in official capacity. The US’s relations with Beijing have soured dramatically during Donald Trump’s presidency. His administration continues to put pressure on various countries to side with it over issues relating to Iran and China.



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