Coronavirus: Israel records a new record of infections


The new restrictions introduced are not enough. Israel registered yesterday a new record of coronavirus contagions. According to the Tel Aviv Ministry of Health, the country recorded 8,646 positives cases on 143 swabs conducted, in the last 24 hours, never so many since last February, a positive rate of 6.2%. Still insignificantly down – according to the same information – the severely sick even if the positives remain over fifty thousand. To date, Israelis who received the covid vaccine for the third dose are over one million, and the immunization campaign is accelerating.

According to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, there is a race between the spread of the Delta variant and the vaccination campaign. “We must be prepared to face a situation where there is a simultaneous increase in hospitalizations in all hospitals. We must buy time – he added – for the vaccination campaign to take effect.” Bennet indicated yesterday.

Since July 30, the third dose of Pfizer vaccine has been administered to 713,000 over 60 who had vaccinated themselves with two doses over five months ago. The problem is that the first two vaccinations for young people, on the other hand, are slow. Israel was one of the virtuous countries in the management of the Covid emergency, managing one million) have not responded to the vaccination campaign and who, despite being able to vaccinate up to now, are now weighing in the boom of new infections the appeals.

The government has reintroduced new restrictions to cope with the emergency: the green pass will be applied for ages three and up tomorrow. In shopping malls and popular areas via the “Violet Code,” the maximum presence of one person every seven square meters. In similarity, the government adopted an extraordinary allocation for hospitals to strengthen their facilities immediately.

Regarding travel and transportation, quarantine is compulsory for those who land in Tel Aviv from about thirty nations, even if vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19. It is also banned for Israelis, except in exceptional cases, to travel to a dozen countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, and Cyprus.



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