Delicious and Refreshing top 8 Arab Snacks for the Summer

delicious and refreshing top 8 arab snacks for the summer

When summer arrives, there’s nothing quite like indulging in refreshing and light snacks that satisfy your cravings without weighing you down. The Arab world offers a gold mine of delightful treats perfect for hot days. Here are eight must try Arab snacks that are sure to become your summer favorites.

Rice Pudding (Roz Bi Haleeb)

Known as “Roz Bi Haleeb” in Arabic, Rice pudding is a cherished dessert throughout the Middle East. This cool and creamy treat is made with rice, milk and sugar, creating a smooth and sumptuous texture. It is typically topped with some amazing nuts like almonds, cashews and pistachio adding a delightful crunch. Serve it chilled for a perfect summer dessert that is  both refreshing and comforting.


Mahalabia is a silky milk pudding that is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. Made with milk, sugar and cornstarch this pudding is delicately flavored with rose water and often garnished with nuts. It’s airy and light texture makes it an ideal treat to enjoy during these hot months. Serve it cold to fully appreciate its refreshing qualities.

Layali Lubnan

Layali Lubnan or “Lebanese nights,” is a semolina based pudding that offers a taste of Lebanese tradition. This dessert combines crushed wheat, semolina, vanilla and rose water, resulting in a fragrant and rich pudding. Topped with nuts, cream or dried fruits and drizzled with sugar syrup or honey, Layali Lubnan is a delightful way to end a summer meal.


Maamoul are crumbly, buttery shortbread cookies that come in the form of small domes. These exquisite cookies are stuffed with walnuts, dates, sugar, pistachios and rosewater, creating a perfect blend of nutty and sweet flavors. Maamoul is a wonderful snack to enjoy with coffee or tea, providing a sweet and satisfying treat.

Stuffed Dates

Stuffed Dates are a nutritious and easy snack perfect for summer. They can be filled with nuts and goat’s cheese for a savory twist or pistachio ice cream for a refreshing treat. Whether served at tea time or as part of tapas spread, stuffed dates are a delicious and versatile option that is sure to please. 

Pistachio Cake with Mahalabia Cream

This is a unique twist on a classic dessert, try this pistachio cake filled with cold Mahalabia Cream in the center. This Arab inspired take on molten chocolate cake combines the nutty flavors of pistachio with creamy and smooth texture of mahalabia. It’s an indulgent yet refreshing dessert perfect for hot summers.


Lavosh is a versatile flatbread that’s soft in texture and thin, making it a great condiment to multiple dishes. This Armenian bread pairs best with soups and can be enjoyed on its own as a snack. Its lightness and tenacity make it an excellent choice for summer picnics and barbecues.

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Kafta originated from Lebanon, is a type of kebab that is ideal for summer barbecues. Made with ground beef mixed with onions and seasoned parsley and other spices, this snack is simple to prepare and full of flavor. Grilled to perfection, these kebabs are a mouthwatering addition to any summer event or party.

These eight Arab snacks bring a flavor of Middle East to your summer, offering a mix of sweet, savory and refreshing flavors. Whether looking for a simple delightful treat, hosting a picnic or party or enjoying a barbecue, these recipes are a must try that will definitely add a touch of flavor and elegance to your summer days.



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