Six Best Chocolate Brands in Saudi Arabia

six best chocolate brands in saudi arabia

Eid is a special time when people give gifts to show they care. Chocolates make wonderful presents because almost everyone loves them! In Saudi Arabia, there are many places where you can buy yummy chocolates for Eid. Some shops make their chocolates in Saudi Arabia, while others bring tasty treats from other countries. Whether you want a small box or a big tray of sweets, these shops have many choices. Let’s look at six great chocolate stores where you can find the perfect Eid gift!

1. Aani & Dani 

Aani & Dani is a luxurious chocolate store located in Riyadh. It has Origins and is owned by people from KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Several consumers feel quite fond of this shop in Riyadh. The delicious and beautifully presented Eid dessert trays sold could be bought for Eid. Those trays are laid with various types of chocolates and sweets. They make great gifts!

 2. Bostani 

The next chocolate store that is originally from Saudi Arabia is Bostani. Both Riyadh and Jeddah have these shops. What also can be interesting about Bostani is that you can create your own gift boxes. When it comes to the actual chocolate that goes into the mouth, you can choose which ones are to be put in. They also have Eid gift baskets and they were all prepared and ready to go for Eid. These baskets are filled with yummy chocolates and other similar goodies. 

3. Dar Lavender 

Dar Lavender is a shop in Riyadh that makes sweet things of all types. They are present at Al Mohammadiyah place. A rather interesting feature of Dar Lavender is that they can make chocolates to order. They can print names or logos of the firm selling them or any other firm on the chocolates. This makes the gift special for the customer!

 4. Carmey Chocolates 

If you plan on being in Jeddah next time, it would be best to check out Carmey Chocolates. They’re very popular there. Well for Eid they are having fancy trays of chocolate. As to the trays, they are of all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you desire an accessory that will give a glossy and classy appearance, then Carmey is the way to go. The packaging of the product is very beautiful and attracts the eyes of the people with the look of elegance. 

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 5. Neuhaus 

Neuhaus is a chocolate shop, which was established in Belgium. One can visit it in the shopping malls called Panorama Mall sited in Riyadh. They have built their reputation for making a special type of chocolate referred to as pralines. Neuhaus is pretty much like Lindt where you can select the ones you would like to be packed in a box of chocolates. Or if you do not know what to select then you can talk to them and they will make a good combination for you. 

 6. Said Dal 1923 

Said Dal 1923 is a Chocolate Company based in Riyadh and It is an Italian chocolate shop Company. They have been known to make really good chocolates that are handmade. For Eid, they have created gift boxes. These boxes contain their scrumptious chocolates and are best for gift-giving. 

They are all good shops to buy Eid gifts and most of all if one likes chocolates. If you need Saudi chocolates, Belgian or Italian chocolates, the booths have them all. Candy is a wonderful gift that one can present to friends and close ones on Eid.



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