Jenna Ortega Starrer Wednesday 2 Horror Tease Solves 9 Problems From Season 1


Jenna Ortega starrer Wednesday Season 2 is already creating headlines without the release. The actress has teased more horror for Wednesday season 2. It helps to solve 9 problems from the hit Netflix series Wednesday Season 1.

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Jenna Ortega is also the producer of Wednesday Season 2. She has all the details of what to expect from the coming seasons. Wednesday Season 2 will focus more on horror, which solves 9 problems from Season 1. The horror element was the best part of season 1.

Wednesday Season 2 will highlight the spookiness of the Addams Family. The horror element would highlight the Addamses’ love for the concept of death and pain throughout the series Wednesday.

Wednesday season 1 was the love triangle. However, season 2 will not focus on the love angle. Season 2 will focus more on the character of Wednesday.

The horror element can also fix Wednesday’s season 1 morality confusion. Wednesday’s character and morality can become consistent in season 2.

Wednesday season 2 can also have more villains. It is important to note how the character of Hyde will be portrayed in the season.

Season 2 can also reveal Nevermore’s secrets. It can also help to solve the world of creepy mysteries. Nevermore Academy has outcasts, freaks and monsters. However, the real story is not known yet. The first season of Wednesday revolved around local mysteries and the supernatural world at Nevermore Academy.

Wednesday might also build friendships with the students at Nevermore. She is already friends with Xavier and Enid.

Recently, Jenna said, “We have decided that we want to lean into the horror aspect of the show a little bit more.” She revealed that season 2 ditched the idea of a love triangle.

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The cast of Wednesday included Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Jamie McShane, Percy Hynes White, Joy Sunday, Hunter Doohan, Emma Myers, Naomi J. Ogawa and Moosa Mostafa.



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