Embarrassment for Australia as it battles power outage amid aid help to Tonga


Australia AustraliaIt was an embarrassing situation for Australia who was moving towards helping Tonga by providing them aid but ended up being stuck in the middle due to power outage. It was when on Tuesday, the largest Navy warship of Australia went on a mission to Tonga to help the country counter a massive volcanic eruption by providing them with necessary aid.

The warship was left powerless during the mission and to restart the ship, civilian specialists as well as a few technicians were flown all the way from Australia to the area so that they can assess the situation and come up with a solution. At a time like this when China is already focusing on gaining control over the Pacific region and is making all the attempts to show its territorial needs and requirements over other countries, the Australian ship crash was a huge embarrassment for the country.

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Australia has been trying to counter the influence of the Chinese market in the Asia-Pacific region but failures like these make it part of the imaginary inefficient group. Even though the intentions of the country were noble, it left people thinking whether Australia can indeed be a reliable partner like that of China or not. At the end, even though the Australian officials were able to help the reeling country, reliability factors seem missing when it comes to direct help.



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