UK Minister Damian Hinds labels Russia, China, Iran, North Korea in ‘hostile nations’


United Kingdom United KingdomBritain Minister of State for Security and Borders Damian Hinds labelled Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea in the ‘hostile nations’ list on Sunday. He accused Russia, China, and Iran of launching disinformation campaigns against the UK (United Kingdom).

He said that Russia, China, and Iran pose cyber security concerns to the UK. He claimed that those nations are involved in cyber-attacks, soldiers on standby, and disinformation campaigns against the UK. Subsequently, he said that the fourth hostile state is North Korea. According to Damian Hinds, China, Russia and Iran have “human capability” and “cyber presence.” He added that those countries are capable of deploying them.

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Richard Moore’s statement

Earlier in November, the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service MI6 chief, Richard Moore had said that MI6 will have to become “more open to stay secret” and work with tech companies to tackle threats posed by countries like Russia. He alleged that Russia initiated cyber attacks against the UK. The MI6 chief further alleged that China carries out spying operations against the UK. Subsequently, he said that Iran also poses a similar threat to the country. Richard Moore also highlighted the need for the UK and its allies to come together in order to tackle Russian activities.

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service’s claims

Russia made it clear that it does not pose any threats to any country. The claims of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service Chief were denied by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. Russia had previously stood up for Iran in the face of western allegations as well. Other western countries have been launching a campaign of disinformation against Russia as well. Western countries accused Russia of invading Ukraine and cutting off its provision of Russian gas in the Yamal-Europe pipeline. Russia had earlier threatened military measures against Ukraine. Russia shares a border with Ukraine.



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