EU Votes Hungry Out As a ‘Hybrid Regime of Electoral Autocracy’

EU lawmakers

 As Hungary goes onto break democratic norms laid down by the European Union, the latter has made an open statement stating that the country cannot be said to be a democracy anymore.

In a recent, plenary session, members of the European Parliament did not mince their words as they said that it would be no insult to describe Hungary as a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy” that had indulged in “serious breach”.

The voting has been unanimous that Hungary is no more a democracy. The latter is obviously furious over this decision, but a massive majority vote said it all. The response came after MEPs voted 433 in favor, 123 against, in favor of the resolution.

The vote was largely symbolic and does not change the course of EU decision making, which requires unanimity of all 27 member states — including Hungary — to adopt positions on major issues, such as sanctions on Russia.

But Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told reporters in Budapest: “I consider it an insult against a Hungarian person if someone questions Hungary’s capacity for democracy.” He said he was astonished that some in Brussels and Strasbourg insisted on “belittling” his country.

Strangely, and like a spoilt child, Hungary has blamed the EU for its sliding away from a democratic setup. Further, it has said that EU Covid recovery funds should be withheld from Budapest until it put its house in order.

The country is ruled by populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who maintains close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

With their vote, the EU lawmakers endorsed a parliamentary report that said Hungary had been backsliding on democratic and fundamental rights since 2018 through the “deliberate and systematic efforts of the Hungarian government.”



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