European Union urges Iran to salvage 2015 nuclear deal quickly


Iran IranThe European Union urged Iran to move faster toward salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal after the seventh round of talks adjourned in Vienna on Friday. The nuclear talks adjourned over new demands from Tehran. Iran requested a new pause in the talks in Vienna, which aim to bring the United States (US) back into the 2015 agreement. The 2015 nuclear deal was earlier abandoned by the former President of the US, Donald Trump. The EU called the latest pause requested by Tehran disappointing.

Diplomats representing Britain, France and Germany said in a statement that the recent talk on nuclear deal takes them back nearer to where the talks stood in June. They said, “We are rapidly reaching the end of the road for this negotiation, however, we are disappointed because of the pause.”

European negotiators

European negotiators said that they aim to resume the talks by the end of 2021. However, they have not yet confirmed a date following the suspension on Friday. They expressed “disappointment and concern” over the latest pause requested by Tehran. Negotiators from the U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration were also involved indirectly in the latest round of discussions. Reportedly, E.U. envoy Enrique Mora told the media that they don’t have months for negotiation, they rather have weeks to have an agreement with Iran.

Iran Nuclear deal

The nuclear talks were started again in late November after a five-month break following the election of a new government in Iran. The meetings were earlier suspended in June because of the election. Later on, the talk was again suspended amid European disappointment. At that time, Europe warned Iran to modify their demands.

The diplomats said that Iran had walked back all previous diplomatic progress and fast-forwarded its nuclear programme. In 2015, the United States, China, Russia, Germany, France, and Britain made an agreement in Vienna with Iran on its nuclear programme.



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