Germany Does Not Like Russian Dictatorial Stance With NATO Partners


Germany GermanyGermany has come down vigorously on Russia for the fact it felt Kremlin was trying to dominate the former. As tensions mount over the aspect of Ukraine, the west and Europe are in loggerheads with Russia.

The statement was a formal one made by the German Defense minister Christine Lambrecht while she was visiting Lithuania. For a while Russia has been trying to dictate terms with the NATO nations. Visiting the Rukla military base, she commented that it was important that Russia understood dialogue was the only option and that forced dictatorial tone will not help.

Geopolitical tensions are mounting for nations around Ukraine. These include Lithuania, along with its Baltic neighbours Estonia and Latvia who have reasons to be worried about security after Russia’s deployment of troops along the border with Ukraine. All of these countries were part of erstwhile Soviet Russia. Most have been seeking support from the US or the European counterparts.

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This trip comes to be Lambrecht’s first trip since being named defence minister. Post Merkel’s departure, she is also being seen one of the most powerful women voices in German politics. She comes to focus as the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats formed a coalition government with the Greens and the liberal FDP earlier this month.

Lambrecht met with her Lithuanian counterpart Arvydas Anusauskas, who informed her that indeed “Russia has mobilised forces in the Kaliningrad region that are ten times larger than the battalion deployed in Rukla.” “In this situation, Russia’s demands that weaken the security of our countries are simply impossible to implement. I think they need to be rejected,” he told reporters. Around 550 German troops are stationed at Lithuania’s Rukla military base as Germany leads the multinational battalion in the country.



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