EXCLUSIVE: Alliance for Tunisia renews its support for Kais Saied decisions, Sarhan Nasri tells The Arab Post

The day after the Tunisian presidency announced the extension of exceptional measures to suspend the Parliamentary work as provided by Article 80 of the Constitution, Sarhan Nasri, head of the Alliance for Tunisia, told The Arab Post his movement renews its support for Kais Saied decisions.

The Alliance for Tunisia strongly rejected “some politicians statements, skeptical about the measures taken by the President of the Republic to save the Tunisian State.” Sarhan Nasri believes that the President’s aims to “consolidate the unity of its institutions and reorient its compass towards serving the Tunisian people, their vital living needs and their basic rights to dignity, freedom and proper democratic practice.”

The Alliance led by Sarhan Nasri described the recent statement by Moncef Marzouki, head of the so-called movement of citizens, out of contexts given the historical situation experienced by Tunisia and its people.

Sarhan Nasri, head of the Alliance for Tunisia

“We consider that the President of Citizens’ Movement statement falls within questioning all the reform initiatives undertaken by the President of the Republic, in a cheap and open attempt, to exploit the human rights and democratic principles and values. Moreover, it’s a clear attempt to deceive citizens for the return of tyranny, as some traditional parties and their ossified leaders can only live in light of creating an atmosphere of fear for the rights, they were the first to attack.” Sarhan Nasri told the Arab Post.

He also condemned “the interference of several foreign parties in Tunisia internal affairs and their gains at the expense of the Tunisian state, which harmed the interests of the Tunisian state with the complicity of some ministers of previous governments.”

Nasri added that “the Alliance for Tunisia calls on the President to review many unfair trade agreements for the economy and national sovereignty, and to speed up the review of Decree No. 88 of the Year 2011 regulating parties and associations, many of which are active for the benefit of foreign bodies and with suspicious funding”.

He urged the judiciary to expedite the decision of the accusations made by the Court of Accounts report for several parties lists in the 2019 elections and won seats in the parliament by violating the electoral law and the parties and associations Tunisia regulation.



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