GCC Schools Run Short Of Skilled Teachers


There is a skill shortage amongst teaching staff in GCC countries. Most emirates have invested heavily into educational institutions, keeping in mind the future of the countries and citizen’s giving back to society.

However, the sudden proliferation of high-quality schools in the Gulf region has led to fierce competition for the best teachers, making it difficult to find skilled and experienced one. It is also becoming a challenge to attract the best teachers without pricing poorer students out of the education market.

There is a high demand for teachers in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. According to official figures shared by UNESCO, the world would need about 69 million new teachers by 2030, in order to provide quality universal education. This has become more of a challenge as fewer teachers have been seen graduating, particularly in the UK, Ireland, and the US, the occupation faces an imminent shortage at the international level.

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One doesn’t see many women opting for education as their field of work. The tactic of offering lucrative teaching packages has only put more pressure on parents, as schools raise fees to compensate of the rising cost of teacher salaries. The worry for many experts is that low-income households will be steadily priced out of quality education.

Pays in western countries are not good, unlike the GCC countries. Many educationists are looking at quitting work as teachers or looking for other alternative career options. Most GCC schools run on profit. Their only biggest expense is teacher’s salaries. This is something that is the only huge expenditure for the schools. Many suggest its time schools were less privately held to look into good pay of teachers, without bringing the burden on parents either.



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