Government Watchdog Identifies Corruption Amongst High Ranks In Iraq


Iraq IraqCommission of Integrity in Iraq has investigated in 2021, nearly 12000 Iraqi officials, of which 54 were ministers. Sadly, the conviction rates remain very low despite such widespread probes.

The anti-corruption body announced that it conducted probes into 11,605 officials over 15,290 alleged incidents. But its mockery of a system because many of the probes happened in the absence of the accused itself. The commission’s report also said that despite high numbers of people investigated, only 632 were convicted — including a minister.

It is hilarious to note than many against whom cases have been filed over allegations of corruption are continuing to be investigated but are serving on the cabinet of the country. Among the defendants are also 54 ministers that are facing 101 charges, in addition to 422 defendants of special ranks and general managers who are facing 712 charges of corruption. Iraq has been mired with governance that has acted as puppets at the hands of Iranians. Corruption is rampant in Iraqi governance.

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On February 14, former minister of Construction, Housing, Municipalities, and Public Works Riad Al Gharib was sentenced to two years in prison for alleged misuse of public funds during the first term of former prime minister Nouri Al Maliki, in 2007. “Forty-two judgments against 32 high-ranking people in government including those who are general managers were also made,” the report said. Of those convicted 224 officials were tried in their absence. The commission has opened 116 cases against convicted officials abroad, including six former ministers.

Powerful political affiliations have lead to most of the accused politicians to avert sentences. Some of Iraq’s most powerful politicians have made fighting corruption their aim, but to date successful prosecutions have mostly brought in against low-ranking officials.



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