Here’s what Iran’s MPs want in order to revive the Nuclear deal


Iran IranIranian officials are adamant on what they seek out of the nuclear pact with the United States and have reportedly listed down six conditions for the western side to fulfill before giving their nod for it.

On Sunday, the Iranian lawmakers handed over these conditions in a written format to president Ebrahim Raisi and urged him to only go ahead with the deal once all these conditions are fulfilled. The document was also signed by a majority of the parliamentarians–250 out of 290 present at the center. The conditions stressed that neither the US nor any of the European parties should exit from the deal after being restored and they should ignore the ‘snapback mechanism’ at all costs.

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All these conditions must be fulfilled considering that the sanctions which have been imposed on Iran should immediately be taken back and if Iran does not stick to the said deal, they might reinstate the sanctions under the nuclear compliance deal. They further stressed, “We have to learn a lesson from past experiences and put a red line on the national interest by not committing to any agreement without obtaining necessary guarantees first.”

The final power to make the call remains in hands of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who also incidentally has all the hardliners needed to support or give green signal for the deal. This section of the hardlined leaders is yet to vote for the proposed conditions. Last statement which came from official sources of Iran asserted that the two countries are now closer than ever to agreeing on the deal, however, the US will have to agree to certain conditions for the agreement to go smoothly. Even an European Official later on confirmed that the 2015 nuclear agreement can very soon lead to confirmation.



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