Iran Has Moved Away From The JCPOA Agenda: US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken

Nuclear deal

‘Bottom line requirements have not been met’ was the message that came across from the Secretary of State Antony Blinken while talking about where the Nuclear Programme stands with Iran.

Apparently, Tehran’s latest reply is being seen as a step back from the agreement, urging Blinken to say that Washington would not rush to re-join at any cost. Ironically, European mediators last month appeared to make progress in restoring the 2015 accord as Iran largely agreed to a proposed final text.

Israel meanwhile feels extremely insecure about its safety if the nuclear deal comes through. Its point of concern is that Iran continues to dodge the question of how much nuclear material has been parked for peaceful use, if at all. According to the UN too, Iran has the capacity to build a nuclear bomb in less than three months.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Blinken has admitted that indeed, in past weeks Iran has moved away from some ‘extraneous demands― demands unrelated to the JCPOA itself.” The nuclear watchdog for the UN has already warned them and the world that Iran holds power to build a nuclear weapon in less than three months.

Diplomats say Iran has dropped a demand that Mr. Biden lift Mr. Trump’s designation of the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group, a key sticking point. Mr. Biden is looking at ways to undo the severe damage that his predecessor did to the world order and the national security of the US itself.

Meanwhile, disputes also include Iran’s insistence that the UN nuclear watchdog close an investigation into three undeclared sites suspected in previous nuclear work. This has been disagreed upon even the western world, over the risk of letting Iran play around with nuclear fuel without disclosing its use and amounts held.



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