Iraq’s Pro Reformists Demonstrate Resistance Against Iranian Influence in Governance


Iraq IraqIraq is all up and arms against any Iranian influence in its turf. The pro-reformists have taken to streets again and seek proper governance; to which the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi has threatened to resign asking for this ‘political stand-off’ to end.

‘Iraq will not be ruled by Iran,’ is what the Iraqi citizen is chanting as they headed towards the capital’s fortified Green Zone, home to diplomatic quarters and government buildings. After Al Sadr’s supporters were dispersed from the Green Zone, with less hope of a proper democratic governance to return back, it is the chance of pro-reformists to take center stage.

The demonstrations could be seen carrying anti Iranian slogans, and pictures of those massacred in the 2019 protests. The clarion call is for an overhaul of the government and the dissolution of the current parliament.

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Al Sadr’s attempts to get proper governance going has failed. In frustration, he has had to announce he would like to quit politics because a peaceful solution in Iraq looks farfetched now.

While the UN Security council is urging warring factions to come on one common ground of dialogue; Iran backed Asaib Ahl Al Haq militia has used public demonstration to respond to attacks by Saraya Al Salam in south of Baghdad.

Further violence is expected in Iraq, as the political rivalry between Mr Al Sadr and the Co-ordination Framework has yet to be settled. The two sides have been in a disagreement over forming a government. Mr. Al Sadr had been demanding the dissolution of parliament and new elections. His party received the most seats of any party or group in the October poll but was stymied in efforts to form a coalition government.



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