Iran to continue enriching Uranium upto 20% despite sanctions relief


Iran IranDespite heavy sanctions relief and earlier suggested measures, Iran is going to continue enriching Uranium upto 20 percent. On Friday, the Nuclear chief confirmed that even after sanctions on it are lifted under the 2015 Nuclear deal, Iran will go ahead with the 20 percent purity stats. “

Uranium enrichment will continue with a maximum ceiling of 60 percent, which led Westerners to rush to negotiations, and it will continue with the lifting of sanctions by both 20 percent and 5 percent,” said the head of Iran’s Atomic operations. Vienna talks are ongoing and nothing has been decided as of yet and still Iranain officials are taking an upper hand in the matter by making such statements. The 2015 deal essentially restricts the purity to which the Arab nation can enrich its Uranium to 3.67 percent.

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This is far below from what Iran was used to attaining ahead of the Nuclear deal. Now Iran is enriching the metal in various grades and the highest it does is 60 percent. Mohammad Eslami refrained from talking more about how it is going to stick to 20 percent despite the Nuclear Deal but showed confidence in his statement.

This is a big statement from the Iranian official considering it had earlier stated that it will suspend its 20 percent and 60 percent enrichment if America comes to terms with the Nuclear deal under Vienna talks. However, things are unclear in the matter and the two parties keep contradicting their stand on whether they are moving positively in the matter or are completely deflecting the topic.



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