Iraq announces the end of the combat missions of the international coalition in its territory


Iraq IraqIraq confirmed the end of the combat missions of the international coalition in its territory and the completion of the exit of its forces outside the country.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, stated in a tweet published by the official Iraqi News Agency today that the combat missions of the international coalition have ended, and the exit of all its forces and combat equipment outside Iraq has been completed, while the role of the international coalition has become limited to providing advice and support, according to the outcomes of the strategic dialogue.

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Al-Kazemi expressed his thanks to the countries of the international coalition and its leadership and Iraq’s partners in the war against the terrorist ‘ISIS’, stressing the readiness of the Iraqi forces to defend the Iraqi people. “We were pleased to take par [in the battle against ISIS, emphasizing that our combat mission is ended and we have shifted to #AdviseAssistEnable ISF, as invited guests, to sustain the enduring defeat of Daesh,” the Coalition wrote on Tuesday.

Iraqi counter-terrorist troops staged a military simulation in Baghdad on Saturday, demonstrating how to respond to militant strikes. Iraqi troops will continue to require the Coalition’s assistance in combating ISIS remnants and other extremist organizations, according to a top Iraqi military officer.

Although American soldiers will not be involved in direct fighting on the ground, their advisers will be present for training, intelligence operations, and other purposes.



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