Court Ruling Upholds Iraqi Election Results


Iraq IraqIraq elections have again run into troubled waters as the Iran-backed Fatah Alliance and other Shiite groups have landed up contesting the election results, saying there were many irregularities in it. But the Iraqi court has ratified the claims and has withheld the result as they are.

The decision was announced amidst tight security around the Green Zone where the court building, government offices and embassies are located. The security measures and protests by supporters of Shiite militias outside the zone have snarled traffic and disrupted daily life.

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Iraq held its elections after a long battle with disharmonious government rule dominated by Iranian interference too. State of Law, Fatah and other Shiite groups formed the Co-ordination Framework to contest the election results. Their appeal to the Supreme Court alleged many electoral irregularities, including the failure of the electronic voting system to recognise the fingerprint identification of many voters.

Iraq’s Independent High Elections Commission conducted a recount in some areas after the Co-ordination Framework challenged the initial results. It said the recount altered the results for only five seats.

The whistleblower has been a false one only to throw the process off rhythm to hamper the country’s process to create a sound democratic elected government, which takes away control from the Shiite groups, that have been prominently leading the show in Iraq, up until now.



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