Is Monarchy To End With ‘Queen of Hearts’ Gone?

Queen Elizabeth

British monarchy has been known to have stolen a lot from the world. But Queen Elizabeth-II was a class apart. She has been literally called the ‘Queen of Hearts’ for the compassionate side that was her true self.

Indeed, the Elizabethan era has come to an end and the world might not need the monarchs anymore. Under the monarch, was a lot of power of different kinds. The monarchy controlled for example 54 countries of the British Commonwealth and the 14 Commonwealth countries for which the Queen was the head of state.

But some of these countries have decided to put an end to the whole Elizabethan era all together. Barbados for example does not want to have a head of state anymore. So, will the Jamaica and Australia also follow suit.

Her presence has been there for seven decades. Generations have grown with her and therefore with her not being around, it feels as if someone older (like a head of the family) has gone. Its painful yet liberating for many who have reigned under the pain of being ruled and slavery.

Her presence took away the aggression and oppression; except that there was a silent expectation of obedience. Few will ever forget the extraordinary moment of reconciliation which came with the Queen’s handshake in Northern Ireland in June 2012 with the former IRA commander Martin McGuinness. McGuinness wished the Queen well in Irish, as he said goodbye, words which in translation are “Goodbye and God bless” – words almost unthinkable in the past bitterness of British and Irish history.

There has been revolt building elsewhere too. Let’ds not forget Scotland and Northern Ireland as well. But with the Queen going, the sense of obedience out of her sheer age and stature may not be able to control things that well.



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