Palestinian dies days after being shot in Israeli raid


A Palestinian, identified as Hamad Mustafa Hussein Abu Jelda, succumbed to his wounds, on Sunday, five days after being shot by the Israeli army during a home demolition in the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian health ministry, in a statement, confirmed “the death of the young man, Hamad Mustafa Hussein Abu Jelda, 24.”

He was shot by the Israeli occupation forces in Jenin camp a few days ago. The Israeli forces reportedly raided the Jenin camp last Tuesday to destroy the home of Raad Hazem, the man who killed three Israelis in a deadly shooting attack in Tel Aviv, a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast.

The man carried out a shooting attack in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street on April 7, before being shot dead after a massive manhunt.

According to media reports, his father Fathi and brother Hamam are both wanted by Israeli forces. A petition by Hazem’s family to prevent the demolition of the house was rejected by Israel’s supreme court in May.

According to Israeli forces, the Tel Aviv shooting was part of a wave of deadly attacks on Israeli targets by Palestinians. In response to the attack, Israel launched raids in the occupied West Bank that have killed dozens of Palestinians, including fighters.

Human rights activists said that Israel’s policy of demolishing the house of suspected attackers amounts to punishment because it can also impact the lives of children and homeless people. However, the Israeli forces said that the practice was required to prevent Palestinians from carrying out deadly attacks.

Israel has occupied the West Bank since 1967. Many Palestinians live in the West Bank. The clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians are often reported in the territory. Recently, the Israeli military killed a Palestinian man for allegedly stabbing a soldier in West Bank.



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