Israel Will Lose Palestine One Day

Like the British’s colonial rule ran out of its time, and so did the US and Spain, Israel will also lost Palestine one day. Israeli occupation of Palestine will run its course of time, and the Palestinians will taste their land and freedom, like the people of India stemmed out British Raj and people of South America gave the Spain the boot.

Hamas sounded the war crime staying enough to Israeli abuse. But Israel is strong and can potentially establish a new security structure in Gaza with the help of allies like the Unites States and the UK. With its allies, Israel can limit Palestinian action and the West Bank. But will the rest of the world turn a blind eye to the sufferings of the Palestinians, or will they bold up against the US and stand up against Israel for playing victim all the time.

Calls are getting louder for a two-state solution.

Israel – Palestine: More than a War

Ghassan Charbel, the editor of a Saudi media organization, says what’s happening between Israel and Hamas is more than just a war. He believes it’s a new crossroads in a long and bitter conflict between the Israeli and the Palestinians.

“It is no simple feat for the Qassam Brigades to attack Israel by land, sea and air. It is no simple feat to confuse the Israeli army like this. It is no simple feat to reach such heavy death tolls, cause this many injuries and take so many people captive. It is no simple feat to prepare for such a war and to take Israeli intelligence by surprise.”

There are speculations that Israel knew about the attack ahead of time, but chose not to act preemptively to justify the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Nick Fuentes, a white supremacist, took to Telegram to say that Israel’s intelligence failure is a little suspicious in light of how the Likud government will benefit politically from this crisis, both domestically and internationally.

The Hamas caught the Israeli armed forces and intelligence completely off guard, incapable of retaliating immediately.

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Israel Has No Meaningful Military Threat

Besides Iran’s proxies (militant groups in other countries where Israel has deployed its troops), Israel has no meaningful military threat. According to a CSIS report, the Hezbollah can raise ante in terms of missile attacks and cross-border infiltration, but is vulnerable to Israel’s air and missile attacks. Egypt is caught up in its own economic crisis and political problems, and Jordan has limited military forces and internal problems, and Syria also has its own issues.

Iran may be Israel’s number one threat, but it cannot afford to provoke Israel given its own domestic uprising, sanctions and limited arms. As for the other Arab states, they can only provide financial aid and political support, no serious military intervention.

Analysts believe Israel’s most serious current threat is internal and in its own neighborhood, and that too self-inflicted.



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