Israel Wants Iran’s $6 Billion for Hamas’ Attack

israel wants iran’s $6 billion for hamas’ attack

Israel is trying to take on two birds with one stone, that is blame Iran for Hamas’ Attack and have $6 billion blocked once again. Israel has been trying very hard to blame Iran for Hamas’ sudden rise and lethal offensive.

Israeli politicians say Iran’s involvement cannot be denied, the sophisticated attacks and precise planning are just too much. And Hamas has acknowledged Iranian help.

Major (ret.) Alex Grinberg, a former Israeli military intelligence officer and an expert on Iran, believes the latest attack on Israel reflects the real and imminent Iranian threat. He said Iranians never take action on their own. “They outsource with Shi’ite operatives.”Grinberg pointed out that Hamas’ hostile takeover of Israeli border communities was taken from Hezbollah’s special forces textbook.

Iran Upgrades Hamas’ Technologies

Gila Gamliel, Israeli Intelligence Minister, said Iran, for years, has been inciting Hamas to commit violence against Israel. Iran trained Hamas, funded it, and advanced its military capabilities.

“We know that Iran has been supporting Hamas in various ways. It’s not new. But for the moment, we are focusing on reinforcing protections on all fronts, including our borders in the north.”

Sean Yom, associate professor of political science at Temple University, believes Iran likely helped in terms of upgrading Hamas’ technologies and operational strategies to maximize the effects of its attacks.

“There are also telltale signs of Iranian strategizing, such as Hamas’ swarming tactics through small units of guerrillas unleashing violence at many locations simultaneously.”

But he also added that Iran neither led the campaign nor ordered it. The latest attack was initiated and executed wholly by Hamas. Grinberg also highlighted that Iran does not operate according to detailed, technical plans. It gives general order to its proxies, and expects it to be executed.

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The $6 Billion

Despite no evidence of Iran having a hand in Hamas’ Israel attack, scrutiny is on the US for releasing the $6 billion. There are also calls from American lawmakers to refreeze the $6 billion as the Biden administration had set criteria for the usage of the fund only for humanitarian purposes.

A number of Republican senators have written to US President Joe Biden to stop the flow of the $6 billion into Iran. “Your administration claims these funds are only available for humanitarian use, but money is fungible, and there is a significant risk they could be used for further efforts by Iran or Hamas against Israel.”
The senators said the Iranian regime can reallocate the funds to support terrorism.



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