Israel’s PM attempts to resolve ties with Egypt after hostility for over a decade


After 12 years, an Israeli prime minister has visited Egypt. On Monday, the new Israeli PM Naftali Bennet met Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to talk about Isreali-palestinian relations in this historical visit.

The two leaders have also reportedly talked about developing bilateral ties between them and taking steps to get mutual benefits out of it. Bennett took over office in June this year and following his leadership calls, the Egyptian leader had invited him to visit the country last month.

The current Israeli prime minister is the head of a far-right party and that made experts doubt his capability as a leader especially after where Nethanyahu left. But looking at the way things have been folding for Israel, he might actually be one of the keepers, said an Israeli political expert.

Egypt may also make use of this budding ties as since May, the Arab country has been heavily involved in trying to reinforce a ceasefire in the Gaza strip. This was after there was turbulent situation for 11 days in the region between Israel and Palestinian faction Hamas.

If things go well between the two nations, they can work towards stressing stability and peace in the region. The Israeli leader also said that the talks between them were majorly surrounding diplomacy, security issues and economy. “We created a foundation for a deep connection going forward,” he added.

The Egyptian leader on the other hand stressed on maintaining calm in the Palestnian territories. Sisi also emphasised on international support to this matter and how it will be immensely important in shaping the regional conflict.

Not only this, but Sisi also said that Egypt will keep supporting any efforts made to establish regional peace in the Middle East. As for the Palestine and Israel issue, the peace talks were exhausted in 2014 and since then, it has been extremely crucial for the international community to step up its efforts in balancing peace in the region. Experts however say that it will not be easy for the two countries to once again come back to an agreement.



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