Jordan Parliament Breaks Into A Brawl Over Gender Equality


Jordan JordanIn a bizarre incident where a brawl erupted in the Jordanian Parliament, members were fighting over the addition of a female noun for a Jordanian citizen to a chapter in the constitution.

There was a scuffle and fist fight amongst the participants. The ministers of Parliament entered into a terrible fight over the issue of gender equality, forcing the session to be adjourned. Several MPs apparently, angrily disputed the amendment as “useless”, in the session broadcast on Al-Mamlaka television channel.

The heated row also had the parliamentary speaker involved. Mr. Abdelkarim al-Daghmi walked out as the upheaval could not be controlled. Among other constitutional reforms, at the session, to be discussed was also the creation of a “National Security Council”, and the halving of the house speaker’s mandate to one year from the current two-year terms. In ranking over economic participation and contribution by women, out of 149, Jordon ranks at 144. Jordon is a predominantly backward in its opportunities for women to work.

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Sadly, while women make up approximately half of the overall population, they still only contribute to about 15% of the labor force. Their unemployment rates are nearly 10% higher than the male unemployment rates. This is four times as high as the female unemployment rates worldwide. The number of labor force participation rates contradicts the number of educated women. In 2014, more women went to college in comparison to men.

Unlike some countries like New Zealand and Germany that are extremely forward looking about women leadership, middle eastern nations continue to remain backward, apart from some like the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Jordon that still remains under the rule of the monarch, needs clearance from him before making any amendments or changes to the constitution.



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