Qatar-Turkey continue to remote control Syrian mercenaries as they aim for Afghanistan

Turkey Qatar

Afghanistan AfghanistanSyrian mercenaries are at the remote control of Turkish powers, which gets most of its funding from Qatar for its various endeavors. The two countries showed common interest in Libya for benefits that are concerned resources in the African country.

The two have been increasingly showing interest in the African country especially Turkey as it is doing the groundwork for Qatar by leading the mercenary executions from the forefront. This has been going since 2019 when Turkey transferred tens of thousands of Syrian mercenaries to Western Libya.

Turkey has an agreement with the outgoing Government of National Accord (GNA) that makes it work in line with the security of the nation. Now the Turkish government also sent the Syrian fighters to the Nagorno-Karabakh region. They are now ready to be agan transferred to Afghanistan in coordination with Qatar.”

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It is important to bring out that Turkey has been making some drastic changes in its foriegn policy and is now coming out to be a nation that is more tilted to extremism than prosperity. The way Turkish power is dealing with the Middle East is divisive in nature but recent weeks saw international pressure mounting on the leaders, it might have decided to reconsider things.

As Qatar being one of its strongest and most powerful allies, Turkey is struggling to either go by what Qatar expects or its fireign relations especially those which have been souring in recent years with respect to the Western powers.

After excessive scrutiny in the foriegn media as well as regional media, Turkey is leading the matter by retiring foriegn fighters from places that Turkey was looking at occupying and sending them to a country like Afghanistan, which has a strong Qatari presence. Qatar has conditional support towards Taliban and Turkey is using this relationship according to its benefit and playing safe while trying to balance its international as well as regional fights.



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