Major Victory As 1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Gets Green Signal


United States United StatesJoe Biden’s administration is basking in glory finally as the House has finally passed a historic infrastructure bill. The same house dominated by Republicans has been stalling the nominations for Middle Eastern diplomatic posts for the longest time.

It has taken a lot of persuasion and this time it was the President himself, seeking support for a vote for the Infrastructure Bill that would make lives of common American man better. The 1.2 trillion-dollar bipartisan bill has been passed but the Build Back Better Act (better known as the Reconciliation Bill) does not have the Senate’s vote and is likely to be downsized as well.
Undeniably, the infrastructure bill has taken many months of negotiations. The bill comprises various infrastructure projects including road construction and maintenance.

The bill received 228 votes to 206 against it. Biden’s spokesperson took to twitter and said that the long-drawn plan will finally see the light of day. “Clean drinking water for kids, broadband access, electric vehicles with the biggest investment in public transit. It is happening; and more to come.” Also sub divided as the Build Back Better Act, the months of negotiations meant moderate members were stuck of seeking adjustment to the overall cost and the inclusion of paid leave and lower prescription drug prices. Both have been removed.

The tussle has been intense between both the bills to be passed together under the infrastructure bill. Progressives initially blocked the infrastructure vote amid suspicion that Senate centrists would reject the Build Back Better bill as soon as they got their transport upgrades signed into law. By funding work on roads, bridges and ports and high-speed internet, the White House says that Build Back Better would create millions of high-paying jobs.

The bill will deliver $550 billion of new federal investments in America’s infrastructure over five years, touching everything from bridges and roads to the nation’s broadband, water and energy systems. Experts say the money is sorely needed to ensure safe travel, as well as the efficient transport of goods and produce across the country. The nation’s infrastructure system earned a C- score from the American Society of Civil Engineers earlier this year.



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