iran begins election campaign post 2022

Iran begins inaugural election campaign post-2022 protests over Mahsa Amini’s death.

The start of campaigning for Iran’s parliamentary race marks a significant minute taking after the violent occasions of 2022, when across the nation dissent emitted

iran suffers sabotage targeting the nation’s primary gas pipeline
Middle East

Iran suffers sabotage targeting the nation’s primary gas pipeline

Iran’s Minister of Oil uncovered on state TV that two blasts along the country’s principal gas pipeline network were the aftereffect of treachery. Regardless of

pentagon targets iran backed groups

US And Iran On The Brink Of War As Pentagon Targets Iran-Backed Groups

The Pentagon has announced that it does not plan to keep attacking Iran-supported groups for a long time. Even though Israel is increasing its actions

us plans to strike iran backed militias

Are the US Retaliation Plans in the Middle East Going to Make Things Better or Worse?

The US is in the midst of a series of retaliatory strikes against Iranian-backed militia groups in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, following a deadly drone

iran's complex impact on global affairs

Connecting the Dots: Understanding Iran’s Complex Impact on Global Affairs

In the intricate tapestry of international relations, few countries have been able to weave such a complex web of connections as Iran. Over recent years,

kataeb hezbollah suspends military operations on us troops in iraq
Middle East

Iran-Backed Kataeb Hezbollah Suspends Military Operations On US Troops In Iraq

The Iraqi armed group Kataeb Hezbollah, backed by Iran, has stopped its military actions against American troops.  This group is known for being close to

mohajer 6 drones in sudan's civil war

How Iran’s Combat Drones Could Tip the Scales of Sudan’s Civil War

Sudan’s army has reportedly received combat drones from Iran, a move that could escalate the civil war in the African country and signal a growing

iran’s weapon of choice in sudan’s bloody war

How Drones Became Iran’s Weapon of Choice in Sudan’s Bloody War

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have become a deadly weapon in the ongoing civil war in Sudan, where the government forces and the rebel

china's diplomatic moves on red sea

China’s Diplomatic Moves: Navigating the Red Sea Crisis

In recent diplomatic discussions, Chinese officials have urged Iranian counterparts to address the attacks on ships in the Red Sea orchestrated by the Iran-backed Houthis.

iranian drones escalate sudan's civil war
Middle East

Red Sea Rivalry: How Iranian Drones Escalate Sudan’s Civil War

In Sudan’s civil war, Iranian drones are the latest proxy tool!  The civil war in Sudan has been a long-standing conflict that continues to ravage