Naftali Unsuccessful In Sustaining Coalition Government In Israel


Israel IsraelAll is not well in Israel as by midnight today, the coalition government is set to dissolve, plunging the country into more instability and uncertainty. In less than four years, this would be the fifth time that the government is forced to go in for re-elections.

Naftali Bennett has not been able to keep the coalition government together. He had to make a move to dissolve the parliament last week; nothing could prevent that from happening. Bennett will have to step down, giving limited caretaker government powers to the Israel’s center-left foreign minister, Yair Lapid.

The nod and approval have come through from the Knesset government. The exact election date is yet to be determined; they are dangling between October 25 or November 01. But as things would have it, the campaign has already become dominated by the possible comeback of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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It had been relief for the government to be rid of a dictatorial President’s rule. But the trend is looking like it will make a return. Netanyahu, now opposition leader, has been delighted by the end of what he has called the worst government in Israel’s history. He hopes to win a sixth term in office despite being on trial for corruption on charges he denies.

Lapid and Bennett ended Netanyahu’s record reign a year ago by forming a rare alliance of rightists, liberals and Arab parties, which lasted longer than many expected but faltered in recent amid infighting. However, surveys have shown Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party leading the polls but still short of a governing majority despite support of allied religious and nationalist parties. Plans are being made by pro- Benjamin lawmakers to form a government before the parliament can be dissolved.



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