On the World Stage: Louis Vuitton Celebrates Skin Tone Spectrum at UNESCO

on the world stage louis vuitton celebrates skin tone spectrum at unesco

A Tribute to Humanity in Fashion

In the run up to  Paris Olympics, Louis Vuitton celebrated the beauty of human diversity with a star studded menswear showcase at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. Models adorned in garments representing all shades of human skin, paraded around a giant globe on grass patterned with Vuitton’s signature Damier check, creating a stunning visual symphony of unity. 


Vuitton’s Homage to Human Beings

“It was an homage to human beings,” said Louis Vuitton’s menswear designer, Pharrell Williams, referencing the Summer Olympics. The show, set against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower and a giant shell globe, felt like a journey across continents. Williams described the collection’s color progression, from black to white, symbolizing a spectrum of humanity.

   The collection mostly featured checks in shades of green, blue and black, inspired by Air Afrique luggage design. The airline, which operated from the 1960s for several decades, symbolizes scattered creativity. Contributions from creatives like Lamine Diaoune and Djiby Kebe enriched the showcase, infusing it with a sense of global unity.


Exploring Archetypes Through Fashion

Williams explored various archetypes against the multicultural setting of the U.N. cultural headquarters. The diplomat, adorned in deep, rich tones of 1970s tailoring and the explorer, in stylish utility outerwear, underscored different facets of global culture. The dandy strutted down the Damier- check grass runway in jackets and coats with rhinestones and pearl embroidery.

   Set against a dramatic sky with shifting clouds and fluttering world flags, the collection’s colors mirrored the model’s diversity. This theme extended to the garments, featuring pixelated python skin patterns, world maps centered on Africa and reinterpretations of the Damier pattern. Soccer ball leather designs paid homage to the world’s favorite sport.


A Spectacle of Diversity and Unity

The show blended complexity with simplicity, reflecting the richness of the dispersion. Enamel maps embedded in buttons, subtle LV logo embossment, black on black embroidery and crystal and pearl accents, added class and sophistication. Vintage inspired designs in soft leather featured oversized monogram patterns and aged leather trims.

   Pharrell William’s show outstripped a mere fashion showcase, becoming a grand spectacle. Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender were among the stars applauding the show and its concept. Pharrell expressed hope while speaking about global conflicts and the symbolic presence of world flags around the U.N. building: To present the notion of peace and the possibility in a poetic way is the only thing we can do.”

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