Top 5 richest boxers in the world

top 5 richest boxers in the world

Boxing not only brings fame and notoriety to the best fighters, it also allows them to rake in large sums of money. 

From Mohamed Ali to Mike Tyson to Floyd Mayweather… The world of English boxing is synonymous with fame, glory and honour. It has contributed to many people’s names being inscribed in the annals of history. But if boxing brings fame, it also brings fortune. Punching and throwing punches makes great boxers rich. 

Mike Tyson, Mohamed Ali or Tyson Fury? No one of these three great boxers from the history of the Noble Art features in the Top 5 richest boxers in the history of boxing, dominated by Floyd Mayweather. Find out more about the Top 5 richest boxers on the planet.


Floyd Mayweather, undefeated throughout his professional career (50 wins, including 27 knockouts), is the richest boxer in the world today, with a net worth of 560 million dollars (504 million euros). Now retired, the 47-year-old American continues to take on opponents from other disciplines in the ring in exhibition bouts, a source of income for him.


George Foreman, one of the legends of boxing, is in second place. Worth $300 million (€450 million), the 73-year-old American has fought 81 times, winning 76 times and losing just 5 times, including a famous defeat to Mohamed Ali in the famous “Rumble in the Jungle” in Zaire (now DR Congo). His fame and his side hustles made his bank account soar.


Oscar de La Hoya is a major boxing figure, with a net worth of 200 million dollars (180 million euros), who has made a name for himself both inside and outside the boxing ring. A World Champion (39 wins, 6 losses), the American has enjoyed a successful career, including Olympic gold in 1992. Known as the “Golden Boy”, he is one of the richest men in the boxing world and is now a promoter.

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Manny Pacquiao is at the foot of the podium with 190 million dollars (171 million euros). The man who began his career at the age of 14 and turned pro at 16 has won 57 of his 65 fights and has an incredible record, with several belts in his pocket. But above all, ‘Pacman’ was champion in seven different weight categories. In addition to boxing, Pacquiao is a politician and is currently a senator for the Philippines.


Occupying the last place in the Top 5 richest boxers in history with 140 million dollars (126 million euros), Saul Alvarez known as “Canelo” could quickly reach the top of the podium as his value continues to rise. The 32-year-old Mexican is a multi-category champion who has lost just two fights in 63 bouts. The first was against Floyd Mayweather in 2014, and the second was against Dmitrii Bivol when he tried to move up to light heavyweight.



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