Saudi Arabia: Mike Pompeo arrives in Riyadh for talks centered on Iran and the economy

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo landed in Riyadh to discuss Iran,

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo landed in Riyadh to discuss Iran, with Saudi leaders centered on countering Tehran as well as economy.

The top US representative, whose visit follows his first tour to sub-Saharan Africa, will hold dialogues with Saudi King Salman and his son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and also the Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan, State Department authorities stated.

In meetings with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and King Salman in the following two days, Pompeo will raise economic concerns as well, he expressed.

“We’ll invest a great deal of time discussing the security concerns with the threat from the Islamic Republic of Iran specifically,” Pompeo told columnists.

Saudi Arabia has upheld the Trump administration’s endeavors to counter Iran, however, advised against military activity after assaults a year ago which wrecked its oil facilities.

Riyadh accused the attacks on Tehran, which rejects responsibility.

Washington and Tehran eased off from increased clash a month ago after a US airstrike in Baghdad killed Qassem Suleimani, and Tehran fought back with missile strikes on US bases, wounding over 100 soldiers.

“The pressure campaign proceeds. It’s not simply a trade pressure campaign, its diplomatic, and isolation via diplomacy too,” Pompeo included. 

Pompeo’s trip comes three weeks following US President Donald Trump revealed his long-anticipated Middle East peace plan, which the Palestinians out and out dismissed.



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