Nine years and continuing, Syria facing the worst humanitarian crisis

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Since the contention erupted in March 2011, Syria has seen exceptional destruction and displacement. Over 5 million Syrians have fled the nation, and 6 million are dislodged internally. With more than 13 million individuals needing help, the war has caused many to suffer. 

Idlib, presently the last opposition-held territory in Syria battling amid the Syrian system drove by Bashar al-Assad, upheld by Russia and pro-Iranian armies, is laying attack to the area trying to seize it back. Idlib is the center of the terrible refugee crisis. 

Idlib, in north-west Syria, is the last critical resistance bastion in the country. About half of the Idlib region’s present populace originated from different parts of Syria, evacuated, and got away because of the civil war. The United Nations assesses that violence in Idlib has uprooted around 900,000 individuals since 1 Dec 2019. The number is bound to increase in the coming months.

About 4 million Syrian refugees, generally women and kids, have lately taken refuge in Turkey, and the Turkish borders are sealed now as it’s difficult to shelter more. The individuals who attempt to cross the borders, risk their lives, and get shot. 

According to Vox, Families are raised and significantly increased and packed together into rooms or houses. The rest are compelled to take cover in tents or under trees, entirely exposed to the climate. The Terrible conditions exacerbate as the temperature is getting beneath freezing as of late, and the absence of protection is a grave issue. According to the UN, families presently compelled to burn garments to remain warm. 

Syrian military General Ali Mayhoub expressed lately that government forces had earned vital advancement, according to a declaration passed by Syria’s state news agency. The Syrian armed forces had seized a geographical zone of higher than 600 square kilometers and held onto numerous towns and villages, he added. 

UN Secretary-General António Guterres Tweeted on 21 Feb, ‘The message is clear: There is no military answer for the Syrian crisis. The main conceivable solution remains political. This human-made humanitarian catastrophe for the long-suffering of Syrian people must end. It must end now.” 

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, stated: “We need a conclusion to the battling, and access to wellbeing to protect lives

Freezing conditions, in Aleppo and northern Idlib are exacerbating the effectively unfortunate humanitarian circumstance.



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