Turkish Embrace To Kingdom Widely Criticized As Murder Of Human Rights


Turkey TurkeyPrince Mohammed Bin salman has made his first trip to Turkey after the unfortunate death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. This breaks the ice for Saudi Arabia with Turkey.

Erdogan has shown great warmth to fill in a rift that was essentially created by him when he said that he wanted to understand if the Kingdom had a hand in the assassination of Khashoggi. There was an affirmative denial.

Right now, Turkey is in desperate need for help- it is seeking trade, investment and assistance to help it deal with a worsening economic crisis. It seems to have learnt a lesson and is trying to mend ways with United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Israel after years of tensions.

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In a joint statement, both leaders of their respective countries decided to collaborate in improving relations and investment in sectors from energy to defence, among others. Prince Mohammed wants to end his international isolation and restore his powerful regional role. He also visited Jordan and Egypt this week as part of a Middle East tour and next month will meet US President Joe Biden, who promised in 2019 to make Saudi Arabia “the pariah that they are” over Khashoggi’s murder.

It has been believed that Khashoggi was brutally murdered in the Saudi consulate in Turkey where he had gone to get paperwork done as formalities to marry his Turkish girlfriend. He never came back.

US intelligence agencies concluded that the crown prince had approved an operation to capture or kill Khashoggi. Saudi prosecutors blamed “rogue” agents and said the prince had had no knowledge of the operation.

The prince is still considered a ‘murderer’ in the words of Khashoggi’s girlfriend who vowed to continue to fight for justice. In April, Mr Erdogan flew to Saudi Arabia and publicly embraced the prince, as their countries began what he called a “new period of co-operation”.

That visit came three weeks after a court in Istanbul stopped the trial in absentia of 26 Saudi nationals, including two of the crown prince’s aides, accused over the Khashoggi murder.



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