Libya, UN denounces trafficking in arms and mercenaries

In Libya, the violations of the arms embargo imposed by the United Nations continue and the withdrawal of foreign mercenaries and soldiers does not continue.


The role of Egypt in the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

The Egyptian president al Sisi exploited the situation between Israel and Hamas to create diplomatic spaces and continue to build his international standing. But also,


EU will provide economic aid to Tunisia if it stop more migrants

There have been “open, constructive and concrete discussions” with the Tunisian authorities on the issue of migration that will lead to the elaboration of a


Turkey and Qatar hypocrisy towards the Palestinians, ignite the spirits for a new “Arab Spring”

The United States strongly condemns “President Erdogan’s recent anti-Semitic comments on the Jewish people” and also “finds them reprehensible”. US State Department spokesman Ned Price

Morocco Migrants

What is behind the waves of migrants from Morocco to Spain

On Tuesday afternoon, the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez cancels a trip to Paris, to fly to Ceuta, and speaks to the country. He uses

German Muslim

A group of German experts calls for urgent action to stop political Islam

In Germany, a group of Islam experts, politicians, sociologists, and theologians raised their voices to say enough to political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. The


Assassination For Militia Protest In Iraq On The Rise

 It is punishment for mutiny and it is all out in the open. In Iraq, those with impunity have been openly assassinated by the powerful


The US State Department appoints Richard Norland as special envoy to Libya

The US State Department has announced that the US Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, will now also serve as the US Special Envoy for Libya


Tunisia in disarray, increased infections and victims. Economic and social crisis with no return

In recent days, Tunisia has exceeded 11,000 victims according to data of Tunis Health Ministry, recording a positivity rate of over 25 percent and an


How Cheap Man’s Cocaine Runs Syrian And Lebanese Economies

Captagon pills fitted inside pomegranates are the new supply doing rounds from the war ravaged Middle Eastern country of Syria. In a shocking revelation, it