Tripoli Libya, hoping for peace fearing war
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Libya at the center of a new dispute between Russia and the United States

The U.S. AFRICA COMMAND PUBLIC AFFAIRS released a statement, on Tuesday, assessing that Moscow recently deployed military fighter aircraft to Libya…

Flags of state Russia Turkey
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A clear Russian warning to Turkish interference in Libya

Fathi Pashagha, the Minister of Interior of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), has been the first to indicate that eight Russian fighters…..

Rached Ghannouchi Speaker of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People
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Tunisian political parties condemn the phone call from the President of Parliament to Serraj

A group of Tunisian political parties issued a joint statement to express their firm condemnation of the call, from the President of Ennadha and head of the Tunisian Parliament, Rashid Ghannouchi,…..

President of Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas
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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suspends all agreements with Israel and the US

Mahmoud Abbas made this announcement during a national address in response to Israel’s declared plans to annex parts of occupied West Bank….

Coronavirus Pandemic
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As Europe Struggles to Stay Afloat Amid the Coronavirus fight, France and Germany Propose $545 billion fund

Coronavirus pandemic is hitting Europe hard with crumbling economies and gradual fracturing of the European Union….

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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Erdogan ‘the new dictator’ EU condemns actions against municipalities

Turkey’s three largest metropolitan municipalities, of Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, which are all ruled by the opposition parties, have been accused of running a “parallel state” ….

Waste disposal of gloves and masks
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How Careless Litter Of Masks-Gloves Is The Next Challenge Facing The Environment

Waste disposal has been a worry for all nations. But the corona virus times has exasperated this problem, as people continue to carelessly discard masks and gloves on streets….

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Lebanon puts central bank director detained over currency manipulation

Lebanon’s financial prosecutor, Ali Ibrahim, detained the central bank director, Mazen Hamdan, late on Thursday over the charges of currency manipulation….

Flag of Republic of turkey
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Defense Minister of Turkey criticizes the European mission IRINI in Libya

Turkish Defense Minister, Khulusi Akar, said on Friday that the mission EUNAVFORMED IRINI of the European Union, to monitor the arms embargo to Libya, is not in compliance with the international law and United Nations resolutions….

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Government formation remains elusive in Israel over cabinet distribution

Government formation in Israel remains elusive even after the Supreme Court allowed Benjamin Netanyahu to form a coalition government last week…