Russia Bans UK PM Boris Johnson & Top Officials from Entering Country


Russia Russia– Boris Johnson, Ben Wallace, Liz Truss, and ten other British government officials have been barred from entering Russia by Russia’s foreign ministry. The verdict was made “in light of the UK government’s extraordinary hostile behavior,” according to the ministry. More than a dozen Conservative MPs have been barred from the House of Commons, including –

  • Dominic Raab
  • Grant Shapps
  • Priti Patel
  • Rishi Sunak
  • Kwasi Kwarteng
  • Nadine Dorries
  • James Heappey
  • Suella Braverman
  • Theresa May and
  • Nicola Sturgeon.

UK’s Intentions As Per Russia

The ministry blamed its decision on “London’s unfettered data and diplomatic campaign targeted at isolating Russia globally, creating circumstances for containing our country, and suffocating the domestic economy.”

“In short, the British governance is purposefully escalating the problem around Ukraine by arming the Kyiv dictatorship with lethal weaponry and coordinating comparable Nato operations,” it continued. Moscow slapped a similar ban on US Vice President Joe Biden in March.

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What is the reason behind this ban?

The announcement comes a week after Prime Minister David Cameron met with President of Ukraine – Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Kyiv to promise Britain’s “unwavering support” in the country’s struggle against the Russian invasion.

“Ukraine has achieved the impossible and drove Russian forces back from the borders of Kyiv, performing the biggest achievement of arms of the twenty-first century,” Johnson said in a declaration following the meeting.

“President Zelenskiy’s steadfast leadership, as well as the indestructible bravery and fortitude of the Ukrainian people, have stopped Putin’s terrible intentions.”

The prime minister announced a military support plan for Ukraine that includes 120 armored military vehicles and modern anti-ship missile systems, as well as £100 million in high-end military equipment.

Johnson also pledged more financial assistance to Ukraine, pledging an additional $500 million (£385 million) in World Bank funding. complementing the £394 million in grant aid the UK provides to ensure the continuation of emergency services for Ukrainians.



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