Whoever Wins the Russia-Ukraine War, the Western Arm Suppliers Already Won


United States United StatesThe US has announced that it will provide an additional $800 million to Ukraine in the form of weapons, ammunition, and other security assistance. On 13th April, US President Joe Biden declared, “The US and its friends and playmates have provided Ukraine with a consistent supply of armaments that has been crucial in sustaining its battle versus the Russian attack.” Since Russian soldiers attacked Ukraine on February 24, the US has provided Kyiv with military aid totaling more than $2.4 billion.

The list of supplied arms & other materials are following:

  • Mi17 helicopters
  • Javelin anti-armour systems
  • Switchblade drones
  • Stinger anti-aircraft systems
  • Air surveillance radars
  • 155mm howitzers & more

30 Countries Are Supplying Weapons to Ukraine

However, it is not limited to the United States. Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Turkey are among the 30-plus countries. They supply Ukraine with weapons and defense systems manufactured by state-owned or private industries.

Some of Ukraine’s neighbors, like Poland and also the Czech Republic, are sending their own military gear to be deployed against Russia in the conflict. And the results are in front of us – hundreds of deaths, millions of displaced people, and the destruction of many cities.

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War Is An Opportunity for US

War, on the other hand, is unquestionably profitable for defense contractors and manufacturers. In addition, the United States is the world’s top defense contractor and exporter of armaments. Russia is the world’s second-largest arms exporter, but its volume is just around one-third that of the United States.

Following Russia’s invasion, it may seem that weapon supplies are flowing in. However, they were already flowing in, although in lower amounts, which may have contributed to the war in some aspects.

Destruction: A Profitable Business

Major General (retired) GD Bakshi talked with media & said, “Defense manufacturing is mostly in the hands of private entities in the US and Europe. This is how governments like the United States operate.”

He added, “War is profitable for them. This is exactly what they did throughout WWII. Russia and Germany were placed against each other. A total of 25 million Russians perished. The German death toll was estimated to be at 7 million. Those who supplied weapons and ammunition laughed all the way to the bank.”



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