Russia blocks a motion resolution on Libya to the Security Council

Foreign ministers from 14 European countries called on Wednesday for the Syrian government forces and their Russian supporters to end

Russia blocked the UN resolution proposal on Libya that contained the word “mercenaries” in the text, according to diplomatic sources at the United Nations. The stop imposed by Moscow could prevent a vote in the Security Council later this week.

“There are a few paragraphs in the resolution that pose a problem,” said at the end of a Council meeting requested by the Russians the ambassador to UN, Vassily Nebenzia, without specifying. Nebezia added that “we have decided to continue discussions with the other members of the Council”.

According to AFP the changes requested by Russia to the British resolution proposal regard the term “mercenaries” to be replaced by “foreign terrorist fighters”. The reference would be to the Russian mercenaries of the private group Wagner, who would be in Libya alongside General Khalifa Haftar and who the United States would like to be clearly identified in the text. A presence denied by Russia.

In the same context, Russia and other members of the Security Council condemned the presence of 4000 Syrian rebels arrived in the Libyan capital Tripoli from Turkey, whom are not mentioned by the British draft. You can find more news click here Arab News Latest, Arab Politics News.



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