Russian strikes on Syria’s Idlib province kills 7 people


Russian airstrikes on Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib have killed seven people and wounded 15 on Thursday, said a Britain-based war monitoring group.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitor that relies on an extensive network of sources on the ground, said that at least four of those killed in the strikes were civilians. The war monitoring group was seeking to identify the other three casualties.

Reportedly, the airstrikes hit a stone quarry and nearby home west of Idlib city. According to AFP, the house near the stone quarry was left destroyed after the Russian airstrikes.

Earlier, White Helmets civil defence group head Raed al-Saleh said, “Russia’s recent military escalation and attacks in Jisr al-Shughur, west of Idlib, in July, were part of Russia’s policy to back the Bashar Assad regime in killing Syrians. The Idlib region in Syria bordering Türkiye is home to about 3 million people.

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Recently, a report released by the Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC), a Washington-based NGO, with European and US analysts working with Syrians on the ground, revealed that Russia conducted dozens of air strikes targeting civilians in northwestern Syria since 2013. The report claimed that the airstrike on July 22 killed seven people, including five children, and injured 13 civilians in the Idlib province of the country.

In recent months, Russia escalated its attacks in Syria’s Idlib province amid talk about Turkey seeking normalisation with Syria.

In August, Russian warplanes launched several air strikes on the western outskirts of Idlib city. Media reports revealed that Russian Su-34 planes carried out 13 air raids with thermobaric bombs on the western outskirts of Idlib city. Earlier this month, Russia renewed their attacks on Syria’s northwest province, the last opposition region.

The Idlib province has been the main spot of multiple cease-fire agreements, which have been frequently violated by the Assad regime and its ally Russia.



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