Saudi Arabia Enforces Insurance As A Part Of Domestic Workers Contracts

Saudi Arabia

Saudi arabia Saudi arabiaDomestic labour contracts will now become a reality as Saudi Arabia is now seeking to introduce insurance as a part of domestic workers personal protection. Beneficiaries of insurance will now be informed when labour contracts are concluded, according to a new ruling by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. This is a related decision to introduction of domestic labour contracts.

This development has been done in order to buffer the impact of losing a job, without prior notice. In cases of the house worker’s escape, illness, death or wish not to continue in work, there will be insurance preserving the recruiter’s right and will be provided at affordable prices.

Further, employer now has to adhere to the provision of insurance as a part of the employment contract. Once an employer contacts a recruitment office to get hold of some domestic labour, the insurance price will then be calculated and included in the formal contract. This way, the employer cannot deny giving insurance to his/her employee.

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Earlier on, the rights of domestic migrants have been marginalized. Many didn’t have the right to change jobs, didn’t get Mediclaim or right to protection of any kind. These issues became more prevalent at the time of Covid-19 pandemic and related lockdowns.

Workers’ passports have been withheld, women migrants have been stoned and such atrocities have been rampant in Saudi Arain and other middle eastern nations that thrive on migrant worker populations.

In some astonishing cases, workers have been forced to convert their religion to survive their jobs. Many die in mysterious circumstances handling extreme heat wave and no respite in the form of rest, proper sleep, food or stay arrangements.

Every year, some 10,000 low-paid migrant labourers return home to southeast Asia from the Gulf in body bags. Half of these deaths are unexplained, and with no labour laws in place — nor any will from home nations to investigate — the cycle of exploitation continues unabated. These figures are estimates published in a report from the NGO FairSquare.  



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