US Envoy To Yemen Visits Saudi Arabia Amid Houthi Escalation In Shabwa

US envoy to Yemen

Saudi arabia Saudi arabiaThe United States special envoy for Yemen, Tim Lenderking, began a tour of Saudi Arabia and Oman, on Thursday, amid Houthi militia escalation in Shabwa, a governorate of Yemen.

The members of the US envoy’s team travelled to Jordan, as part of intense diplomatic efforts to extend an UN-mediated truce in Yemen and establish peace in the war-torn country.

The State Department said on Friday, “The special envoy and his team will focus on helping to meaningfully expand benefits of the truce to all Yemenis and bolster peace efforts.”

The US envoy will discuss recent instability in Shabwa with Middle East leaders. He will also highlight the need for additional financial assistance for the Yemeni people after the recent clashes between rival security forces in the Yemen oil-rich province of Shabwa. He is also expected to continue to rally support for UN efforts to raise awareness about the Safer oil tanker.

According to Arab News, the US has already provided over $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Yemen this year. The US also urged people to make previous pledges immediately available to help the Yemeni people amid the conflict.

The Shabwa clashes

The head of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), Rashad Al-Alimi, on Wednesday announced moves to end sedition in Shabwa. The Governor of Shabwa also ordered the southern Giants Brigades troops to carry out a military operation and hold to account those responsible for the recent conflict in the oil-rich eastern province. Yemen’s Presidential PLC voiced its full support for the governor of Shabwa.

On Monday, security units loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islah Party launched an attack against the government security forces in Ataq in the Shabwa province. The conflict had left at least 28 dead and 68 people injured. Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) also expressed concern about the recent violence in Shabwa.



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