Saudi Journalist’s Platform Gives Voice to Arab Women

saudi journalists platform gives voice to arab women

A discussion Saudi journalist Balqees Basalom had with a friend regarding his sisters’ education and how they were never encouraged to work compelled her to start an online platform that sheds light on Arab women role models to motivate young girls in the GCC area.

“I was inspired to do this platform for the girls who grew up without a female role model,” Arab News quoted Basalom as saying. ‘Balqees for Her’ is staffed entirely by women and releases a weekly newsletter that provides how-to guidelines so the readers can achieve an aim.

For instance, the newsletter talks about music and then highlights some well-known Gulf women who are musicians. After that, the readers are offered some advice on how to pursue a career in music and other related topics.

The newsletter and the social media platforms have been getting considerably popular among Young women in the Gulf. “We received many messages from girls telling us … how much we inspire them, and this is my goal from the beginning,” Basalom added.

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Successful Live Events And Sessions In Multiple Gulf Cities

The platform highlights a number of topics on how women can be financially sound as well as features multiple successful stories of Gulf women role models who achieved their dreams in music and engineering, among other professional fields.

With an intention to motivate more and more young girls in the GCC area, Basalom’s platform also holds live events comprising discussions with someone inspiring. They also had promising sessions in Riyadh, Makkah and other cities in the Gulf.

In the Bahrain session, the platform interviewed Wafa Al-Obaidat, who has been ranked among the 50 most powerful businesswomen in the Gulf and received multiple prominent awards, including the MasterCard’s Pioneers of Tomorrow Award.

The Saudi journalist thanked the platform’s readers and supporters for making it a success and appreciated the help from Richard Fitzgerald, who invested in her project last year after she pitched the proposal to him in 2021.



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