Sudanese Politicians Get Released from Detention After They Began Hunger Strike


Sudan SudanOn Saturday, Sudanese FM of Cabinet Affairs Khalid Omer Yousif was let out of confinement alongside other leaders after they began a hunger strike, the nation’s Information Ministry asserted. A few other prominent leaders and activists were also released on Monday and Friday.

As per the Sudanese Congress Party, Yousif and many other politicians had started the hunger strike to fight their confinement despite marking an agreement between military heads and Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, which granted the release of all detained civilians.

The protests demanded the exit of the military from government matters as they are considered responsible for the deaths of innocent civilian protestors that have proceeded since the declaration of the deal between military heads and Hamdok. More people are called for a mass demonstration on Sunday.

A military coup on Oct. 25 ended a power-sharing agreement among the military and citizens from the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) coalition, and soon following that, various leaders and top personnel were confined. Sudan is supposed to be in a dire situation with military and civilian leaders governing it on a mutual deal called the Sovereign Council.

On Saturday, the former Khartoum State governor Ayman Nimir and anti-corruption taskforce Maher Abouljokh were also relieved from detention. Despite the release of many leaders, still, many politicians are in custody.

On Friday, the Central Committee of Sudanese Medical Consultants stated that 63 civilians got wounded during the rally, including one injured due to gunfire in Bahri.



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