‘Sword of Jerusalem’ resistance ‘stunned’ occupation army: Hamaz

Sword of Jerusalem

The Sword of Jerusalem resistance campaign last year “shocked” the Israeli occupation force, according to the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement on Tuesday.

Abdul Latif Al-Qanou, a spokesman for Hamas, highlighted that the resistance brought Palestinians from all of historic Palestine together to oppose the occupation. In response to statements made by the Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, he said what he did.

The Palestinian term for Israel’s offensive against the beleaguered Gaza Strip between May 11 and May 21 is “Sword of Jerusalem.” During the 11-day offensive, Israel murdered more than 260 Palestinians in Gaza and injured at least 2,000 more.

For the first time, Palestinian resistance groups launched rockets at Jerusalem, shocking Israel with their range and paralysing Israeli airports and other forms of transit throughout the occupation state. Palestinians living in Israel took part in the conflict for the first time.

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Israeli intentions to split the Palestinians and take control of Al Aqsa Mosque were defeated and humiliated by the Sword of Jerusalem, according to Al-Qanou.

The fact that rockets were fired against Jerusalem and other cities, as well as the involvement of Arab Israeli citizens, according to Gantz, “left an open wound in the Israeli memory.”

When questioned about Gaza, the former chief of staff stated that the Israeli army will, as appropriate, take harsh action in response to “violations” from the enclave.

He stated that he does not get along well with Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority. He added that the purpose of his travels to Abbas in Ramallah is to cooperate on security matters and to ensure Israel’s safety. Gantz continued that he would join the coalition administration led by the Likud if there were threats to the state.



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