World Cup in Qatar reportedly brought in millions of dollars for Taliban


According to a report released on Friday, the Taliban made millions of dollars from the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Since US soldiers left Afghanistan in August 2021, the Islamic extremist group has ruled the country in a de facto capacity.

The firm reportedly made millions of dollars by renting large equipment and construction supplies to construction companies that Qatari authorities engaged to develop the cutting-edge stadiums used during the competition. This information comes from the UK daily The Telegraph.

According to the report, Taliban officials stationed in Doha since 2013 for peace talks with the West received generous living expenses payments, which they used to buy the equipment they frequently rented out to the highest bidder.

“The World Cup was a golden duck, thanks in large part to the Taliban’s significant investment in its construction,” according to a Taliban official quoted by The Telegraph, they received millions of dollars.

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The official continued, “Some Taliban members had six to ten pieces of heavy machinery apiece in Doha and would earn up to £10,000 per machine every month.”

According to the report, Qatari authorities paid the hefty pay given to Taliban officials with the consent of the United States and the UN.

The study also stated that it was challenging for administrators to monitor expenditures because the money was sent straight to the officials’ private accounts.

The study emphasised that Qatar was not under suspicion for any misconduct or participation in the Taliban-organized development projects.

Since Qatar secured the privilege to host the international competition, some estimates put the number of migrant workers who have perished on the job at 6,500.

Following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan last year, the group made promises of a less strict form of government than that which characterised its first term, which lasted from 1996 to 2001, but has since progressively restricted rights and freedoms.

The group’s leader gave judges orders earlier this month to strictly uphold elements of Islamic law, such as public executions, stonings and floggings, and the amputation of limbs for thieves.

The group has also reinstated restrictions on women visiting parks, fairs, public baths, and gyms.



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