Syria: unprecedented Turkish military build-up in Idlib.

With the continued entry of Turkish military convoys into Idlib, Syria, Turkey threatened to respond to any targeting of its military positions in the province.

The Ankara threat came after a gathering of soldiers from Turkey and Russia, and called for a focus on calm and pushing the political process and the adoption of new talks in the coming weeks.

Sources said that the discussions focused on the Idlib memorandum signed in Sochi between the Turkish and Russian sides, especially with regard to Turkish observation points.

The threat of Ankara came from the spokesman of the Turkish president, Fakhruddin Alton, who stressed that the development of the situation in Idlib has become unacceptable, blaming the Syrian regime for responsibility.

This comes as the Syrian regime continues its fierce battles and imposed full control over the northern Idlib governorate, after declaring control of the city of Saraqib.

Turkish military forces continue to enter the Syrian territories, specifically to Idlib, and the Syrian Observatory reported that during the last hours more than 400 trucks entered at least carrying tanks, soldiers, military vehicles, weapons, ammunition and logistical equipment.

The Turkish army has reinforced observation points in Idlib Governorate, northwestern Syria, by providing them with armored personnel carriers, which were transported to Idlib by trucks coming from the Turkish border.

In addition, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the regime forces took control of the strategic town of Al-Eis, south of Aleppo Governorate, which led to a large wave of displacement towards the Turkish border.

The observatory stated that the regime’s control of the town comes after the withdrawal of armed opposition fighters from it, and as part of the process of completing control of the Damascus-Aleppo International Road.

In the field, the Syrian regime’s media announced yesterday the control of the entire strategic city of Saraqib in the northwestern Idlib governorate.To find more about Arab News Latest, Arab Politics News.



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