The inevitable has happened- the ones who testified to ensure Trump could be impeached have been promptly sacked from their position of power. Two central witnesses in the probe of President Trump’s actions regarding Ukraine have been sacked from their posts. This happened quickly after two days of Mr. Donald Trump being acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial.   It has been noticed many times that staff that could not toe-the-line with Donald Trump’s idiosyncrasies, was removed from their posts.  Former national advisor to Trump, who had been selected by the Republican President himself, was sacked because he was vocal about Trump’s manipulative ways. There are many other examples of persons’ being either sacked or quitting out of sense of morality.   This time, the axe has fallen on Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and American Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland. Both had been vocal about the possibility of Trump misusing his seat of power to pressurize the Ukrainian President to open investigations into the lives of a promising presidential contender Joe Biden.   Mr. Sondland is known to have given some of the most-high-profile testimony in the impeachment inquiry to the Democrats. He told House lawmakers that he had urged Ukraine to announce investigations (at the behest of President Trump) that would benefit the president politically in the 2020 election.   Vindman was officially relieved of his services and escorted out of the grounds of the White House. He is however going to serve back into the Army but his role is unclear at the moment.  Also escorted from the White House was Col. Vindman’s twin brother, Yevgeny Vindman, a senior lawyer and ethics official on the NSC who is also an Army lieutenant colonel. Col. Yevgeny Vindman didn’t testify to House investigators. Yevgeny Vindman’s future role in the military wasn’t clear.   Trump’s strategy has remained the same- to be a total businessman and not a true leader. He has played around with everything that has made right by his predecessor Barack Obama and gone to undo it bit-by-bit.   It is some kind of blind faith in his governance and the superb orator that he is, that will probably take him through a second term of presidency. Under his leadership, the country was on the brink of war, had it not been forced vote by the Congress that controlled his over confident moves with Iran and China both. While he might have helped unsettle the settled and done the right thing, the repercussions have been severe and world over. Had he used better leadership, he could have prevented eminent damage to the world economy, leave alone the manufacturing industry and farmer community in America.

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