Assad blames Lebanese banking system for loss of millions of dollars deposited by Syrian people

Syrian President Bashar al Assad blamed Lebanese banking systems’ current restrictions which made many Syrians lose access to their money deposited in them. Syria, which


Israel hits back at Hezbollah-backed militants in Syria

On Tuesday, after visiting one of its military bases on its northern border Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a message for Lebanon-based Hezbollah who


US slams sanctions on Syria’s President Assad’s son

In the latest list of sanctioned people in Syrian regime by US State Department, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s eldest son Hafez Bashar al-Assad has been


United States slams sanctions on Bashar al-Assad’s son Hafez

The United States forces new sanctions on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad rule by authorizing Hafez Al Assad to stop the regime from getting cash that would

Syrian President Bashar Assad,
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US slaps Caesar Act sanctions on Syria starting today

The first measures under the Caesar Syrian Civilian Protection Act, or Caesar Act for short, were revealed on Wednesday….

The Libyan crisis parties presented a draft ceasefire agreement stipulating that the United Nations oversee the safe return of civilians displaced by the fighting. The United Nations
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Syrian helicopter shot down over Idlib region amid rising tensions between Turkey and Russia

On Friday, A Syrian government helicopter was brought down in a rural area west of Aleppo in Syria’s Idlib district, with clashing claims over who