United States slams sanctions on Bashar al-Assad’s son Hafez


The United States forces new sanctions on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad rule by authorizing Hafez Al Assad to stop the regime from getting cash that would be utilized to support its activities, The National reported.

US State Secretary Mike Pompeo stated in an announcement, “We will keep on holding Bashar al-Assad and his regime responsible for their offenses,” “It is the ideal opportunity for Assad’s war to end,” he included.

According to the new sanctions, Hafez al-Assad, won’t be permitted to travel or keep assets in the United States. Authorities stated the sanctions against their elder son was to prevent Hafez from becoming into a channel for his family abroad.

State Department official Joel Rayburn stated that “It has been a trend among Syrian regime people to utilize their elder family members, regardless of whether their kin or kids, to attempt to proceed with business after them following the sanction. The new sanction “features the corrupt hypocrisy of the Assad rule.” “The sanctions are impacting the foreign money coming in Damascus” Rayburn included.

Rayburn cautioned that the Assads and other noticeable families were expanding their monetary influence as Syria hopes to reconstruct. “For us, the purpose of the sanctions is to attempt to keep the Assad government from combining that sort of monetary control which can later be used to cause war and killing of Syrian people,” Rayburn told correspondents.



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